Mark Gardner's house in Edmond, OK.

Flyer (PDF)


We had 26 attendees from 5 states (AR, KS, NE, OK, and TX):  Larry Alfred, Steve Amitrano, Bob Bayley, Dennis Brandt, Craig Brantley, Gary Davidson, Wally Decker, Claude Drabek, Peter Ellis, John Fisher, Mark Gardner, Joe Grillo, Bob Hyman, Mark LaChey, Ray Lauffer, Ken Milner, Ken Neufeld, Joe Norman, Ron Proffitt, Wayne Shank, Randy Smith, Keith Stamper, Richard Trotter, George Wallace, Lind Wickersham, and Dean Windsor.


Steve Amitrano gave a clinic on weathering narrow gauge locomotives.
Bob Hyman gave a clinic on making background trees.

Both clinics are available from the clinics section of this site.


Steve Amitrano giving his clinic on locomotive weathering. Bob Hyman giving his clinic on making background trees. Keith Stamper, Ron Proffitt, Larry Alfred, Ken Neufeld, Peter Ellis, Craig Brantley, Gary Davidson (left to right). Claude Drabek, Lind Wickersham, John Fisher, Ken Milner (left to right).
Joe Norman and Richard Trotter (left to right). Wayne Shank and Marc LaChey (left to right).    
K-27 #461 pushes rotary OM across the Chama river on Mark Gardner's layout. #461 continues along the upper level, heading toward Chama. Goose #4 sits in the Chama yard.