Tim and Connie's furniture store in Wister, OK.

Attendees and Events

We had a small turnout this time: Tim Schreiner, Ron Proffitt, Phil Morrow, Andre Ming, and Randy Smith; Ken Burney also came over for the Friday night dinner.  We had great discussions at dinner on Friday, and on Saturday we spent the day at Tim's store, examining the layout and having roundtable discussions instead of formal clinics.  We discussed operations on narrow gauge layouts, spurred by clinic information sent by Bill Hobbs who was unable to attend at the last minute, with a modern prototype perspective thrown in by Andre Ming.  After an excellent lunch provided by the catering company next door, we discussed Tim's layout expansion plans as well as some tips on layout and model photography.  Phil Morrow also provided camera setup services to several people.


I was not able to envision the way the layout looked in the store until I saw it in person. Another overview, with Tim and Ron standing in the future expansion area. One advantage of having the layout in the store is that Tim is a good ambassador for the hobby. Tim also makes good progress by having his layout at work; I can hardly wait to return and photograph this scene when it is complete.
The tallest trestle on the layout. Another view of the trestle. The coaling dock in Como. Another view of the coaling dock area.
The Como depot. The back of the coaling dock in Como. Another view of the coaling dock and gondolas. Sunset in Como.
Randy, Andre, and Ron

Photo by Tim Schreiner.