Randy Smith's house in Bixby, OK.


Larry Alfred, Dan Andrews, Peter Ellis, John Fisher, Mark Gardner, Joe Grillo, Alan Hartley, Phil Morrow, Ken Neufeld, Joe Norman, Ron Proffitt, Paul Richardson, Randy Smith, Dave Steensland, Ben Violett, Tyler Violett, Bob Wales, George Wallace, Lind Wickersham


Part of the Friday night crew:
Larry Alfred, Ken Neufeld, Paul Richardson, Ron Proffitt, Joe Norman, George Wallace
More of the Friday night crew:
Larry Alfred, Ken Neufeld, Paul Richardson, Ron Proffitt, Joe Norman
Still more of the Friday night crew:
Ron Proffitt, Joe Norman, George Wallace, Peter Ellis, John Fisher
There were some very nice models at the show and tell.  This is a Joe Grillo structure with arches cut using a full size router.
Mark Gardner built this stock car and "threw together" the diorama the night before the meet. Lind Wickersham is building this mine diorama. Joe Grillo examines Paul Richardson's scratch built "Green Vista" passenger car. Larry Alfred built this wall to use in his clinic on detailing a blank wall.
Patrick's Bar and Grill shows off some of Larry Alfred's roof detail. Another shot of Patrick's Bar and Grill. A first ever at OKNG meet: a PowerPoint clinic.  This one was given by Larry Alfred. Peter Ellis, Lind Wickersham, and Bob Wales look on as people discuss their show and tell models.
Larry Alfred, Alan Hartley, Joe Norman, Phil Morrow, Tyler Violett, John Fisher, and Peter Ellis listen to Ron Proffitt explaining about the sand he brought. Dave Steensland, Mark Gardner, Dan Andrews, George Wallace, and Alan Hartley listening to show and tell. Lind Wickersham, Larry Alfred, Paul Richardson, Ron Proffitt, and Dave Steensland look at the show and tell items. Ron Proffitt, Ken Neufeld, George Wallace, Larry Alfred, and Alan Hartley listen to a show and tell presentation.
Ron Proffitt gave a demonstrating of building turnouts using the FastTrack jig.  Here it really looks like he knows what he is doing. And here he looks like he is getting yet another question from the audience. Larry Alfred, John Fisher, Ken Neufeld, Peter Ellis, Paul Richardson, and Bob Wales listen to a question during Ron Proffitt's turnout clinic. Alan Harltey, Dave Steensland, Joe Norman, and Lind Wickersham list to Ron Proffitt's clinic.