Randy Smith's house in Bixby, OK.

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We had 22 attendees from 5 states (AR, KS, MO, OK, and TX):  Steve Amitrano, Pete Bellos, Wally Decker, Ken Ehlers, John Fisher, Mark Gardner, Bill Hobbs, Bob Hyman, Steve Hyman, Mark LaChey, Michael Lumert, Dave McKenzie, Phil Morrow, Ken Neufeld, Rhett Neufeld, Ron Proffitt, Craig Raymond, Wayne Shank, Randy Smith, Dave Steensland, Jack Walton, and Lind Wickersham.


Bill Hobbs, Steve Amitrano, Bob Hyman, Ron Proffitt, Pete Bellos (clockwise from upper left) Wayne Shank, Mark Gardener, John Fisher, Wally Decker, Ken Ehlers, Michael Lumert (left to right) Marc LaChey, Ken Neufeld, Phil Morrow, Bill Hobbs, Ron Proffitt (clockwise from lower left) Mark Gardener, Steve Hyman, Lind Wickersham, Dave Steensland, Wayne Shank, John Fisher, Wally Decker, Ken Ehlers, Michael Lumert, Craig Raymond, Marc LaChey (clockwise from lower left)
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Jack Walton, Steve Hyman, Mark Gardener, Dave McKenzie, Lind Wickersham, Dave Steensland (left to right) Bob Hyman's model of RGS bridge 45-B, plus ??? Steve Amitrano shows off his weathering technique on a K-36 and a Best tractor.  Ron Proffitt's (unfinished) first On3 kit is in the background.  
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An overview of the town of Avalanche on Dave Steensland's layout Another view of Avalanche A train winds along a mountainside on Dave's Silverton and Lake City railroad  
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