Upcoming Meet

The 2012 Fall OKNG meet will be held in Tulsa on October 19th and 20th, 2012. We are going to repeat the style of our previous meet: a progressive meet, traveling through three different houses for three different clinics and narrow gauge layouts, with a visit to a fourth layout thrown in along the way. We will also have a model show and tell.

Please visit the October 2012 Meet page for the schedule and other details. We hope to see many of you in October!


In March, 2001, Steve Amitrano invited some local modelers to visit his layout while Mike Conder was visiting from Denver.  The "mini-meet" was all Sn3'ers since that was who Steve knew how to contact on short notice.  John Fisher, Phil Morrow, and Randy Smith were able to attend, along with Steve and Mike.

In the summer of 2001 Lind Wickersham suggested that local narrow gauge modelers might enjoy getting together periodically on the model of the SLANG (the St. Louis Area Narrow Gauge) group.  He thought the central location of Oklahoma City would be best for the first meet, and Steve Amitrano graciously offered his home for the gathering.  Although the group was heavily Sn3 oriented, there were also HOn3, On2, On30, and On3 modelers present.  At this time there are probably more O scale modelers (On3, On2, On30), with Sn3 also well represented.

The group unanimously agreed that future meetings would be desirable.  Since then we have met at Randy Smith's house in the Tulsa area, Mark Gardner's house in Edmond, at Jack Walton's airplane hangar near Ft. Worth, TX, at Ron Proffitt's and Ken Neufeld's houses in central KS, and at Tim Schreiner's Furniture Store in Wister, OK.