Steve Amitrano's house in Edmond, OK.  Click here to download the flyer for the meet.


Steve Amitrano, Wally Decker, John Fisher, Mark Gardner, Joseph Grillo, Bob Hyman, Marc LaChey, Ray Lauffer, David McDonald, Andre Ming, Phil Morrow, Ron Proffitt, Randy Smith, Dave Steensland, Jack Walton, Lind Wickersham


Overview of the model table Randy Smith's RGS models Mark Gardner's On3 "K's" and dual-spout watertower; also Dave Steensland's log train Lind Wickersham's O scale water tower and Joe Grillo's filling station
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Andre Ming's Sn3 locomotives and rolling stock; also diesels so weathered as to be honorary NG Bob Hyman's K-27 #461 Wally Decker's Goose #5 Steve Amitrano's #486 shows off its cab and marker lights
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