The RGS, Dallas Divide to Illium

My Sn3 version of the RGS runs from Dallas Divide to Illium with Brown, Old Placerville, Placerville, and Vance Junction in between. Ridgway is represented by offline staging. I model the 1946-1947 time period with some tolerance for out-of-era equipment.

I started my version in 1993 after dismantling a HO standard gauge layout.

The layout occupies about 60% of a 30 by 36 basement.

I used open grid bench work attached to the walls and I use cantilever braces, no legs to the floor. Roadbed is 2 layers of 3/8 plywood laminated together. Sheet cork is used as sound insulation and the base for track. Track is code 55 and 70 hand-laid. Turnouts are Railway Engineering, except for the 3 that I scratch built. Control is conventional DC but DCC will be installed soon.

All of the structures currently on the layout are scratch built except the tank at Brown.

Locomotives and rolling stock are PBL, PFM, Overland Models and Trout Creek with 1 scratch built caboose, 0404.

Ken Neufeld