The Black Bear Branch

For complete information about Andre's layout, including back story and description of the parent road, the Silver Creek & Northern, see his web site.


AH! The 1880's and Colorado Narrow Gauge! What perfect choices for the modeler that lacks the space for a large layout. In addition, what a wonderful choice for a modeler that is fascinated by the romance of the earlier periods of narrow gauge history, as well a modeler that enjoys indulging in the use of his imagination. The 1880's is a world that exists only in sepia-toned photos and interpretive text written about a time long ago... pictures that portray an era of little engines and big men, towns that look and bespeak of "the wild west", rugged times as well as rugged and colorful lives. Yes, it's these things and more. What perfect recipes to excite this modeler's imagination!

But exactly what is my theme, my locale... and the era of the Black Bear Branch of the SC&N? Well, just to make sure that you fully understand, let me spell it out for you:

Theme:  A short branch off the 3' gauge Silver Creek & Northern's mainline that taps into a rich and booming silver mining district.

Locale:  Some of the most rugged portions of my fictionalized interpretation of the San Juan's of Colorado.

Era:  The 1880's!

Layout Plan

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